Supplier Spotlight: Armela Farms

Founded in 2016, the company is the largest producer of fresh lettuce in the UAE
Armela Farms.
Armela Farms.

Founded in the summer of 2016, Armela Farms is now the largest producer and distributor of water-grown lettuce in the UAE.

Currently the company has a production capacity of 1.6 million lettuce heads – equal to 330 tonnes each year. It specialising in farming which uses hydroponic growing technology, as well as being pesticide-free and only delivering produce right after harvesting.


By focusing on hydroponic farming, Armela Farms explained it can overcome the typical high production costs associated with conventional farming, along with its high water-consumption and difficulties around finding land. This lower production cost is then passed onto the consumer.

As food security becomes increasingly important in the region, Armela Farms urged its farming method gives its products a longer shelf-life while also being more accessible to customers thanks to the lower price. Armela Farms director and co-founder Rachana Shah said:  “Most people maybe don’t realise is that locally produced harvest, and, in particular, commercial hydroponics farming, provide not only better quality products, but also a cheaper price tag to benefit the customer, be it retailers or consumers.”

Armela Farms CEO and co-founder Avir Shah added: Our mission is to sell hydroponic produce that is of high quality and high nutritional value, to maximise consumer benefits towards healthy living the in United Arab Emirates.”

The company revealed it is planning to open a new three-hectare facility in the first quarter of 2021.

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