Mai Dubai introduces zero-sodium alkaline water

The company explained the water is designed for health-conscious consumers
Alexander van't Riet.
Alexander van't Riet.

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s (DEWA) Mai Dubai has announced the launch of its zero-sodium alkaline water, aimed at health-conscious consumers.

With an alkalinity of up to pH8, the water was developed at Mai Dubai’s factory in Al Qudra in the emirate. The company added that the automated industry facility is known for having the second-largest solar roof installation in the world and runs on solar energy to reduce carbon emissions.


Mai Dubai CEO Alexander van ’t Riet said: Our latest ‘three -in-one’ product, Zero-Sodium Alkaline Water has been designed with the need for healthier hydration in mind. We were able to create a product which is almost identical in taste to our classic Mai Dubai water, which we know consumers love.”

The CEO continued: “Early market feedback shows an amazing initial response. This launch fits perfectly with our journey to become a local-leading, sustainable and innovative bottled water provider. We export to over a dozen countries around the world and this product will most likely be shipped abroad in the near future. Note, this is only the beginning; there is much more to come.”

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