African + Eastern partners with bars for drinks promotion

Customers who buy beer in A+E retail stores can get free drinks in 100+ F&B outlets
African + Eastern

UAE alcohol retail outlet African + Eastern has launched a new promotion that will see customers who purchase beer from their stores given tokens to redeem for free drinks in bars across the UAE.

The Hops For Hops initiative gives customers one free beer voucher for every six-pack they purchase from a range of brands including Carlsberg and Peroni.


There’s no limit on the vouchers, so if a consumer purchases a 24-pack of Stella Artois, they will be given four brand-specific coaster shaped tokens which they can redeem in a number of bars and restaurants including Capital Club DIFC, Belgian Beer Café, The London Project, and Atelier M.

There’s over 100 F&B outlets across the UAE participating in the promotion which runs until the end of August.

Visit for a list of participating bars and restaurants.

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