Talabat reveals 2020 insights, including largest order in the UAE

McDonald’s reigned supreme with 10 of the top 20 items ordered during lockdown

Talabat has revealed some of its data that shows how customers in the UAE used its services in 2020, including the most popular dishes and the largest order.

With 2020 being remembered as the year of the pandemic and lockdown, it seems as though customers turned to chicken dishes to get them through the tough times, with 14 of the top 20 most ordered items on Talabat during lockdown being poultry-based.

McDonald’s had 14 of the top 20 items, including the Spicy McChicken Medium Meal, four-piece Chicken McNuggets, Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal, and McChicken Medium Meal all making the top of the list. The Oreo McFlurry was the most-loved dessert in the UAE, coming in at number 16 on the list.


Talabat’s biggest order of 2020 in the UAE saw one restaurant earn AED21,723,38, with 634 items ordered from nine different product ranges – plus a large mineral water.

The most popular pizza flavours of the year were Creamy Ranch, Fiery Peri, and Chipotle BBQ, while Aseer Time dominated the milkshake game with nine of the top 10 orders.

With over 509,550 AED donated during COVID, UAE-based customers have really shown their kindness, especially during the Ramadan Heroes campaign, where a total of over 50,000 meals were donated! Customers also took part of donating to Beirut’s recovery in the #lunchforlebanon campaign. With over 115,000 orders placed during #lunchforlebanon, region-wide, Talabat donated 100 percent off all profits as well as an extra 150,000 euros.

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