Pitch Me: Convotherm Mini

The new combi-steamer series from Welbilt has a width of only 51.5cm in any kitchen
Convotherm Mini, Steamer, Welbilt

Professional cooking in the smallest space

Thanks to its compact size, coupled with a large cooking chamber, the Convotherm mini is ideal for smaller and medium-sized operations. Its stacking feature allows for the expansion of capacities without the need for extra space. Moreover, the combi steamer is fully compatible through the use of 1/1 GN containers and accessories (mini 6.06 2/3 GN). This allows the user to integrate existing trays without difficulties.

Easy operation and sophisticated cooking programmes


Customers can choose between two user interfaces — the manual control variant utilising buttons and a tilt selector switch, or the easyTouch user interface with intuitive touchscreen controls. Using both manual and automatic cooking modes not only saves time and energy, but also relieves the workforce of stressful workloads as results can be easily reproduced at the tap of a finger.

The combi steamer is a great relief for employees working in restaurant operations requiring a lot of routine procedures. In addition, the ‘easyStart’ function further simplifies use and offers baking and cooking for six different food categories.

Safety through fully automatic cleaning

The ConvoClean system in the new Convotherm mini provides a number of additional benefits: with the new operating functions providing a range of solutions for every user profile. The fully automatic cleaning process contributes to shorter changeover times — for instance, the new 10-minute express cleaning feature makes a cleaning operation possible even during operating hours. Another advantage is that the cleaning detergent container is connected to the mini and “disappears” in the base of the combi steamer, meaning there is no direct contact with the cleaning detergent when the process is started.


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