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Enomatic’s wine refrigeration and serving system is now in the UAE and Oman
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Entrepreneur Jason Hellowell is bringing Enomatic’s wine refrigeration and serving system to the UAE and Oman where it is helping restaurants and bars get the most profit from every bottle

We spoke with him about why restaurateurs should be using Enomatic.


Give us a brief about Enomatic and its products?

Enomatic is the world’s leading manufacturer of wine by the glass dispensers. Born in the heart of Tuscany’s wine country in 2002, it uses technologically-advanced solutions, innovative design, specialised software, and Italian design to create its wine serving systems which are distributed in over 70 countries around the globe.

What is your core business concept?

Each Enomatic serving system is designed to store and dispense wine at the right temperatures and correct proportions to help clients in their wine management while maintaining the utmost quality. Our state-of-the-art technologies displace wine with food-grade inert gas such as nitrogen to ensure that wine is kept in its optimum condition for 25 days from opening, while our Enosoft system tracks how much wine has been served, by whom, and when.

How does Enomatic benefit restaurants and bars?

Statistics show that the use of Enomatic machines can help bars and restaurants save an average of 35% on their beverage costs. While currently if a client sells two glasses of a fresh bottle of wine at closing time they will not be able to serve the rest of the bottle the following day. Enomatic machines solve that issue by giving wine a shelf life of 25 days, and maintaining it at “just opened” quality.
Enomatic machines also give restaurants and bars the opportunity to upsell expensive bottles of wine by the glass, which they formerly were unable to do, thanks to the extended shelf life. While guests may not be willing to spend a large amount of money for a full bottle of wine, they are more likely to buy a pricier wine by the glass, increasing beverage revenue by an average of 25%.
From telling you how much wine is left in its bottles, to informing you when you need to clean the machine, Enosoft allows for total control over the Enomatic wine serving systems. Clients can be kept up to date on how much wine each server has sold through the system, allowing them to keep track of underperforming staff and offer the opportunity for education.

What are the products in the Enomatic range?

The large and varied Enomatic range goes from two-bottle wine serving systems to mobile tasting carts holding eight bottles, to 16-bottle ‘tasting islands’.
Our latest modular wine serving machine, Enomodule Elite, can be interconnected to create a wall of wine to suit the demands of any space.
All of our machines are visually appealing, demanding the customer’s attention and encouraging the upselling of product.

How can Enomatic be used in a concept?

Enomatic serving systems can be used in a variety of innovative ways. From issuing customised wine cards that are loaded with credit to allow customers to serve themselves, to programming hotel room keys to operate the machine and charge wine to guests’ bills, the intelligent software offers limitless possibilities.

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