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Caterer Middle East spoke with Petit Forestier to learn more about how it is helping clients meet their refrigeration needs.

What is your core business concept?


Created in 1907, the Petit Forestier Group is a family-run business and a leader in the refrigeration sector. We rely on a huge rental fleet — over 55,000 vehicles, 44,000 display units, and 2,900 refrigerated containers — and a significant network of branches in France and overseas, where we operate in 21 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the United States. Through this network, the Petit Forestier Group serves over 15,000 customers, always striving to offer quality and an excellent service.

Can you tell us about your product range?

An expert in refrigerated rental for over 100 years, Petit Forestier capitalises on its know-how to adapt to client requirements. We offer a range of personalised refrigeration products (vehicles, appliances and containers) and associated services which meet the specific needs of our professional and private clients.

Our innovative approach provides our clients with access to the latest technologies on the market, making their everyday lives easier or allowing them to anticipate new regulatory standards.

Have you expanded the company in new regions or started distributing in new regions recently?

A European leader in refrigerated vehicle, display units and container rentals,  Petit Forestier is expanding outside Europe. We are currently establishing operations in the USA and South Africa, adapting our “Refrigerated Rental” knowledge to the specific features of this market. This expansion strategy is naturally leading us to high-growth markets such as the United Arab Emirates.

Why should the hospitality industry work with you and your products?

Since its inception, Petit Forestier has been a close companion of the catering industry.

The Refrigerated Rental specialist has acquired expertise over more than 100 years, which has led it to work in all areas of the food service industry.

Thanks to its expertise and know-how, Petit Forestier can offer adapted and personalised vehicles. It provides a comprehensive service covering all vehicle prevention, maintenance and repair activities. This means that clients no longer need to worry about their vehicle management.

From Parisian caterers to the biggest names in the European hospitality and catering industry, plus wholesale markets like the Rungis international market, Petit Forestier offers a flexible and responsive service to the most demanding professionals.

What is the company working on for the next 12-18 months?
The United Arab Emirates offers excellent growth opportunities for our business. We intend to export our “Refrigerated Rental” expertise to the country, whilst taking specific local features into consideration. Our adaptability will be the key to our success in the Middle East, as demonstrated in other regions worldwide.

How can customers contact you?

T: +  971 4 524 0411


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