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Gelato started out on the table as a fine dessert served in the European courts of the Renaissance. Precious sculptures of brittle with fruit sorbets, or elaborate molds filled with flavored creams with flowers and spices adorned sumptuous banquets in honor of European notables and rulers. 


Perfect solutions for those with little space who don’t require high production volumes. The top of the line is the new Freeze&Go, which in just 55 cm contains all the power and reliability of Carpigiani technology. With its renewed design and vintage look, the machine is the undisputed star of Sigep Gelato d’Oro 2019 dedicated to foodservice.

The Labo 6/9 XPL P and 8/12 XPLP are also small and reliable, offering numerous programs for producing perfect gelato and sorbets to be included in your menu.

The compact Ready 14 20 is also available to stimulate the creativity of new food retail entrepreneurs, combining the versatility of the floor-standing batch freezer with countertop technology that manages to condense pasteurization, aging and freezing in a single cylinder and in only 58 cm of depth. Also available in a floor-standing version, Ready is designed for those entering the business and looking for a simple and reliable solution with a modest financial investment to produce an excellent fresh gelato in small spaces working in a simple and ergonomic manner, while still respecting the traditional method.

Quartetto, is the professional floor-standing batch freezer that expands your menu with a wide range of gelato and sorbets and solves every conservation problem thanks to the internal compartment refrigerated from -8°C to -15°C. The gelato will always be ready to serve, maintaining a perfect consistency all day long.


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