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More than a century of expertise arrives in the foodservice channel across the Middle East from the farms of Europe
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Arriving on the dining tables of the region’s hotels, restaurants and cafes are top-range dairy products from global co-operative Arla Foods.

Formed in 1880, and utilising the clean air, pure water and fresh grass which combine to raise the best in milk-producing livestock, Arla Foods was first created by farmers in Denmark and Sweden who came together to form a co-operative with a shared vision of quality and fairness.

This continues until the present day with farm owners still sharing in the proceeds from each litre of milk they supply.


Building on Arla Foods' retail expertise, the company’s foodservice division, ARLA PRO, is now spreading out across the world of food and beverage catering.

World-renowned brands

Brands such as Lurpak, Puck and Castello combine with ARLA PRO's back-of-house range to create the best natural dairy products, with a company culture of forward thinking service excellence.

These are the trademarks that the business has demonstrated throughout its long history.

ARLA PRO uses the deep inights it gains from its global customer base and the best culinary practices across differing nations and cultures, to continually innovate and evolve its products and services.

This helps food industry professionals achieve their goals, from the kitchen to the diner’s plate.

Quality and traceability

Alexander Bartschat, Arla Foods' regional foodservice head, says the company is growing as businesses look to understand where the ingredients they use come from.

“We’re seeing businesses choose ARLA PRO because the range of brands, products and solutions combine the best of dairy with foodservice expertise and innovation.

“These are high-quality, non processed products that function in the professional kitchen and simply taste better.

“Arla Foods' farmer-owned model also provides full traceability of our products and ensures the highest possible standards. This is increasingly important to the end consumer and can support sales growth for the businesses working with us.”

The company is large enough to perform effectively on the world stage, yet small enough to apply the individual attention required by customers in order to fully engage the global catering profession with its service expertise and strong passion for food.

Kitchen creativity recognised

ARLA PRO completely understands that foodservice professionals, whether top chefs running a high-class establishment, pastry chefs or baristas, are creative souls who see themselves as artisans in creating the best in taste experiences.

That identification is at the core of ARLA PRO's business philosophy as a complete partner, rather than just a supplier.

Reliability, professionalism, flexibility and a dedicated ‘can do’ attitude, where confidential and inspiring dialogue is possible, have long been proven in a challenging and evolving market.

As an enabler for its customers, ARLA PRO offers the means to better food, the means to better business and, finally, the means to mastery.

About Arla Foods

With production facilities in 11 countries and sales offices in a further 30, Arla Foods is the world’s fifth largest dairy company and largest supplier of organic dairy products. Arla Foods has a total of more than 18,000 staff and its products are sold in over 100 territories.

The means to better food, the means to better business, the means to mastery.

Regional HQ in Dubai:

Alexander Bartschat, head of foodservice MENA

Local offices:

KSA Dennis Durken, foodservice manager (
Lebanon Pierre Daou, foodservice manager (
UAE Samer Abou Daher, foodservice manager (

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