Vertical farming is a “viable solution to growing crops” says Badia Farms founder

It is the Middle East’s first commercial vertical farm
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The man behind the Middle East’s first commercial vertical farming facility has told Caterer Middle East that the method is a “is a viable solution” to the region’s farming problems.

Badia Farms CEO and founder Omar Al Jundi spoke with us as we visited the innovative farm in the Al Quoz industrial estate in the heart of Dubai, saying: “We are a region that is agriculturally challenged and we cannot grow most of the year. So this is a viable solution to farming and growing crops.”


The method works by growing leafy greens inside a carefully controlled environment on a rack system that allows for multiple crops to be grown side-by-side, including lettuce, mint, basil, and kale.

Al Jundi explained that “because you’re growing indoors it helps us tocontrol the environment, control the humidity, control the temperature, so we can grow all year round.”

The system uses 90% less water than conventional farming, as it is able to reuse the water not taken in by the plants for nutrients.

Over 70 customers have signed up to receive greens from Badia Farms, said Al Jundi.

“The minute they see the product, the quality, the sustainability aspect of it, they are very intrigued. They try testing the product and they start placing orders,” he explained.

You can see more of the interview with Badia Farms by watching the video below.

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