Supplier Focus: Giffard

Giffard marketing director Romain Burgevin tells us about the family-owned liqueur and syrups company
Romain Burgevin
Romain Burgevin

Give us a brief about Giffard and its products.

Founded in 1885 in Angers, Giffard is an independent, family-owned company specializing in liqueurs and syrups. Backed by strong values, it has built its success on quality products, including our signature Menthe-Pastille, a real emblem of the brand. Born in a small local laboratory, the brand is now recognised throughout the world. Giffard started manufacturing syrups in 1910 with the “Citronade” (lemon syrup). The family company has since widened its range, offering a comprehensive list of gourmet syrups dedicated to the cocktail-bar and coffee-shop industries.

How many people are employed by your company?

On January 1, 2018, we had in total 84 employees — with almost 20 new hires made across the company in 2017.

Have you introduced any new product ranges recently?

We launched a few weeks ago two new flavours: lemongrass syrup & jasmine syrup. Our goal is to offer quality products all year long to bartenders and baristas as well as bakers or chefs. These two flavours are reminiscent of spring/summertime when the sun starts to shine and flowers begin to bloom. We want to offer our customers these flavours all year long, wherever they are on the planet. With no added preservatives, Giffard’s lemongrass and jasmine syrups are crafted using only the finest natural flavours.

Have you expanded the company to new regions?

There’s been no major expansion as we are quite well distributed across the world. We are more focused on intensifying business with existing business partners.

Why should the hospitality industry work with you and your products?

In each syrup priority is given to the natural taste of the fruit. All syrups are produced in France in a brand new factory, with concentrated fruit juices or aromatic extracts mixed with purified water,   flash-pasteurised and then hot bottled in a controlled environment. The Giffard Research & Quality Department constantly develops new products requested by the local markets and our beverage innovator works at developing the best and exclusive uses and recipes with the Giffard syrups. As a medium-sized company we feel that one of our strengths is our ability to respond quickly to the market needs as our structure is agile and adaptive.

What makes your products stand out from your competitors in the market?

All our products are produced in the same factory (one dedicated to liqueurs and another one dedicated to syrups) in a small town in the Loire Valley. All our products benefit from the same care and attention, enabling us to provide products all over the world with the same quality.

What is the company working on now for the next 12-18 months?

We are developing new syrup flavours for the coffee shop industry and looking to eventually develop new flavours for the gourmet sauce range.

How can customers get in contact with you?

For more information, please contact

T: +33 (0)2 41 18 85 07

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