Callebaut launches new ruby chocolate

It is described as the ‘fourth category in chocolate’
EMF, Chocolate

Following on from dark, milk, and white, Callebaut has unveiled what it calls the fourth category in Chocolate, ruby RB1.

With its sparkling ruby colour and intense fruitiness with fresh, sour notes, it is made from a meticulous selection and crafting of ruby cocoa beans.


It’s 80 years since white chocolate was released to the world and Callebaut hope it will have a similar effect and allows chefs to introduce new flavours into their chocolate cooking and is being targeted at the millennial market.

"Ruby is so exciting, it's a breakthrough innovation in the chocolate world and unique in terms of taste profile, colour and pairing with new delights. It opens up for an unlimited number of new ideas", states Amine Mebrouki, sales director Middle East Barry Callebaut.

The new chocolate has been launched in the UAE by Barry Cellebaut and its trading partner EMF Trading.

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