Seara launches 100% natural, antibiotic-free chicken in the UAE

The first market to receive it outside of Brazil
Seara, Natural, Organic, Chicken

Brazilian food producer Seara has launched its 100% natural line of halal certified poultry products in the UAE – its debut outside of its home country.

Tailored specifically for the UAE market, the range includes whole breasts, drumsticks, breast strips, and thigh fillets.


The Seara 100% natural line is made from chickens raised without antibiotics, on independent farms with 100% vegetable-based feed.

Seara MENA managing director Guillermo Henderson said: “Before exporting to the UAE, Seara tested these products and concepts with UAE and regional consumers and the results were promising. The Seara 100% Natural line fits in well with the growing demand for natural, healthier and convenient products that is now a strong trend in the region. Governments here have undertaken several initiatives to spread awareness about healthier eating and lifestyle habits and consumers are calling for the availability of natural and healthier food.”

The range is already available in selected stores in the UAE.

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