SPONSORED: Tasty Singapore Pavilion at Gulfood 2019 to highlight food innovation

Why is the Middle East F&B industry getting excited about Singaporean food and beverage innovations? Take a sneak peak at what 46 Singaporean exhibitors will be showcasing at Gulfood 2019
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The UAE was ranked one of Singapore’s top three food export destinations in the Middle East in 2018, with export value totalling S$70.2 million (US$51.92m), according to trade and development agency, Enterprise Singapore Dubai Overseas Centre.

In celebration of Singapore’s 10th year at Gulfood, 46 food manufacturers will exhibit at the Tasty Singapore Pavilion. Close to half will be bringing novel food products which are new to either the Middle East or the UAE.


There is a lot of buzz surrounding technology and innovation. In the food manufacturing industry, innovation could mean the use of new ingredients or the development of products catering to niche sectors. For example, creating different food types to meet the dietary needs of diabetics or even those with seafood allergies so that they can still enjoy functional, nutritional and tasty meals.

Gulfood 2019 participant Faith Enterprise will be bringing its Byo Noodles which have a lower glycaemic index (GI) than your traditional mee kia (a type of thin Asian yellow noodles), making it suitable for those watching their blood sugar levels but still love their noodles. Byo Noodles are ready to eat in 30 seconds. Another Singapore company, Nature’s Nest, has developed Seago, a ready-to-eat snack which is a plant-based seafood alternative. Seago is an excellent source of protein.

Food with lower GI can help to address important national health priorities like rising obesity without consumers needing to forgo their staple carbohydrates such as bread, noodles and rice. Innovation not onmakes business sense, but there is also social value to be reaped. Plant-based proteins, sugar alternatives and texture-modified foods are just some of the trends gaining ground.

Globally, trends like rapid urbanisation and growing middle class; consumer shifts towards healthier and safer food; and, fluctuations in food supply and commodity prices signal the need to explore technologies that can increase food volume with fewer resources and leave smaller environmental footprints.

Technology and innovation have become the heartbeat of Singapore’s economy and part of our national rhetoric. Singapore is ranked the most innovative country in Asia, according to the Global Innovation Index 2018, which considers technology, infrastrucure and business sophistication, as well as the state of innovation in agriculture and food systems. The progress and success of our food industry will contribute to boosting Singapore’s standing in innovation.

In April 2018, Enterprise Singapore announced FoodInnovate, a deliberate, concerted effort by both public and private sector stakeholders in the city state that supports food manufacturers with the resources and knowledge to develop new ideas, products and processes.

Singapore companies like The Soup Spoon has adopted high pressure processing (HPP) technology to extend the shelf-life of its ready-to-eat soups from two weeks to six months in chilled format, while maintaining flavour and nutritional properties. The promise of no preservatives and extended shelf-life means more international consumers can enjoy Singapore and Asian soup flavours from the comfort of their own home.

Rice- and wheat-based noodle manufacturers, Tan Seng Kee, adopted the pasteurisation method typically used in the treatment of dairy and beverage products to develop preservative-free noodles that can stay fresh for up to six months in chilled storage. Pasteurisation also enhances the texture and taste of the noodles and eliminates pathogenic micro-organisms, thereby increasing the safety of their food products.

The Soup Spoon and Tan Seng Kee will be exhibiting at Gulfood 2019.

The Tasty Singapore Pavilion at Gulfood 2019 features a ‘supermarket aisle’ decked with local food brands satiating the region’s appetite for delicious and wholesome ready-to-eat soups, meals and beverages. Look out for braised baby abalone, black pepper chicken siew mai (Chinese dumpling) and traditional bite-sized satay (meat skewers) snacks. Enjoy exotic Southeast Asian-flavoured delicacies like soursop and dragon fruit jams, and yuzu and mango cheesecakes.

The ‘innovation & technology zone’ at the Tasty Singapore Pavilion showcases technology-driven concepts such as food vending machine which dispenses sweet and savoury popiah (spring roll) on-demand in three quick minutes.

Head to the Tasty Singapore Pavilion to get a taste of what it means to re-invent the food industry!

Tasty Singapore Pavilion
Main pavilion: Sheikh Rashid Hall Booth R-P4
Beverage pavilion: Za’abeel Hall 4 Booth Z4-D8

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