Ocean Fresh Water to reveal new brand at Gulfood 2019

The French company will showcase their deep sea drinking water Ôdeep
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French drinks company Ocean Fresh Water will reveal new brand of deep sea drinking water Ôdeep at Gulfood 2019.

Ôdeep is harvested from across the Earth’s five oceans from a depth of at least 200m, out of the reach of solar rays and rich in minerals.


Jacques Le Moigne, CEO of Ôdeep, stated: “With over 70% of the planet covered in water and the human demand continuing to grow, it was becoming evident that we needed to find an alternative to land-based water resources. To offer a more sustainable resource for the future, deep ocean water presented a more reliable and secure alternative, rich in minerals and lower in sodium than the best waters in the market. We are proud to be at the forefront of this discovery with the launch of Ôdeep and are eager to showcase our product to the region’s growing market at Gulfood 2019.”

Ocean Fresh Water say that Ôdeep will provide customers with the same benefits as two glasses of conventional water.

Representatives will be located at the Ôdeep stand Z4-B38 where there will be tasting sessions throughout the five days of the exhibition.

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