Deliveroo bans shark fin dishes from its platform

180 restaurants and 600 dishes have been affected by the ban

Deliveroo has removed 600 shark fin dishes from its platform globally and committed to no longer featuring such dishes in the future.

The ban affects over 180 restaurants which were previously selling dishes featuring the species which has been threatened with extinction.


Declines of over 90% have been reported in some shark populations and so Deliveroo has signed up to the WWF’s ‘No Shark Fin’ pledge which commits it to “taking shark fin and any related shark products out of our physical and digital menus”.

Emma Simmonds, director of policy at Deliveroo, commented: “This is an important step. Deliveroo wants all the restaurants we work with to promote sustainable food production, and that must include protecting endangered species. We are pleased to sign up to the WWF’s No Shark Fin pledge and take this action. We will work with WWF to see what more we can do in this area. We are committed to being the definitive food company with the widest choice for consumer, but that should go hand in hand with protecting our natural environment. Great food shouldn’t cost the earth.”

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