Caterer Product Test: Kranfil’s Fillings

Kranfil’s Fillings from Braun

We put Kranfil’s Fillings to the test to see if the product from Braun was good enough to give desserts and pastries that extra bit of bite that chefs want in the kitchen.

Esteban Coronado, head chef at Trader Vic’s at Hilton Dubai Jumeirah, had a week to give the product a full workout in his kitchen before giving us his verdict.

What dishes did you create with the product?

Kranfil’s Fillings was excellent for pastries, especially for small bites. The assorted selection meant you could get every type of flavour, and the flavours are all very intense. We made mini tarts with Kranfil's Pistachio and also with Kranfil's Passionfruit Mango.

Was the product easy to use?

The product was very easy to use. You simply get the bucket, open the bucket, and it’s ready. If you need to do something fast, such as if you have special guests coming that you need to impress, you can create something quickly like we did with both tarts and eclairs. It’s very fast and you have a very rich flavour. The combinations you can create are also unlimited as it’s all up to you. If you want to make a cake filling you can combine it with cream to create even more options.

Did it improve upon the product you would normally use?

Yes, you can say it improved because the base is the flavour of the product and then you just add from there and you have an amazing product — you know it won’t fail, it’s something you are sure is going to work.

What makes the product so good?

The ease of use is a big factor. And the consistency. When you know the flavours you know at the end of the day that the product you make is going to be a good product.

How would you improve the product?

For me it is a little heavy. After you take two or three bites it’s quite heavy and very filling. While the flavour is great for those bites, you become full which means you can’t eat any more or try a bit of something else.  It's best used in thin layers.

Would you use it more often?

If we are talking about pastry production then for the small stuff, yes. Every chef would want to use it because you have very nice flavours and it makes a very nice base. The base is very important — when you have a good base you can create very easily. If you have a good quality product for pastry like this, you will have an amazing pastry.

What did the other chefs at your restaurant think about it?

I worked together with the hotel pastry chef using Kranfil’s. He also thought it was a very good base for making small bites. He also liked the flavours and the consistency. When you taste it directly from the bucket you have a creamy texture, that is crispy inside, and then you have the flavour. You get three different notes on your palate.

What are your overall thoughts on the product?

For me it’s excellent to be used in small productions such as pastries, mini-tarts, flavoured trifles, or you can mix with cream for a cake or maybe a big tart but it’s best to add something extra to reduce the density — but when you do this the flavour is not lost, it still persists.

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