S.Pellegrino unveils 120th anniversary restaurant bottle

It’s dedicated to the moments people enjoy together at restaurants
San Pellegrino, Sparkling mineral water, Anniversary

Following on from a number of other limited edition designs, S.Pellegrino has unveiled a special 120th anniversary bottle dedicated to the world of restaurants.

The sparkling mineral water has previously celebrated style and design but the new bottle takes inspiration from diamonds to pay homage to the moments people enjoy while dining together.


“For this heartfelt anniversary edition, we have been inspired by a very special natural element, which is pure and coming from earth after many years just like S.Pellegrino water,” said Ilenia Ruggeri, S.Pellegrino international marketing director. “Diamonds, like the best memories, last forever. For S.Pellegrino, the best moments are those that bring people together around a table, and we are honoured to have been part of many of these moments for 120 years”.

Celebrations in honour of the new bottle will continue at top gastronomic events such as World’s 50 Best Restaurants in Singapore.

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