Beyond Meat to launch more realistic vegan burger

The plant-based burger is said to be ‘meatier’ than ever
Beyond burger, Prince khaled, Vegan, Plant based

Beyond Meat, the plant-based company behind the Beyond Burger, is launching a new version of its flagship product.

Said to be “meatier” than its predecessor, it has “marbling that melts and tenderises like beef” whil the addition of peas, mung beans, and rice, mean it had more protein than ever before.


The company is also claiming that its aroma is even closer to beef and it still contains no GMOs, no soy, and no gluten.

At the moment, the product is due to launch in the United States this month, with no word of a Middle East release yet.

Beyond Meat, which has investment from Saudi Arabia’s Prince Khaled, became the first plant-based food company to launch on the Nasdaq last month and is currently trading at approximately seven times its original IPO.

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