Horeca Trade and its sister companies are rebranding

All companies will operate under the Bidfood ME name from July
Horeca, Bidfood

Horeca Trade and its sister companies throughout the Middle East are set to rebrand under the Bidfood name come July.

Al Diyafa (KSA), Horeca Trade (Bahrain, UAE, and Oman), and Bidfood Jordan will all be rebranded from July 1, with the change aimed at consolidating the region’s network under the wider Bidfood umbrella.


The company represents the Bidfood Group in the Middle East through more than 35 brands and serves over 7,000 accounts via 300,000 deliveries per year across all five markets in the Middle East.

Bidfood UAE marketing manager Jad Asaad said: “This is an exciting step for us as it is a testament to our unstifled forward-thinking ways. With one face and one voice, we are more confident than ever about delivering outstanding product service solutions, market strategies, and sustainable business growth to our customers, suppliers, and shareholders alike.”

A new logo, an adapted social media presence, a regional website, and bespoke collaterals will all be rolled out to further strengthen the Bidfood ME brand identity.

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