Food made from electricity, water, and air to be produced by 2021

A Finnish company aims to sell the powder to supermarkets by then
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Plans to create food using just electricity, water, and air are underway in Finland, with the aim of putting 50m meals on supermarket shelves by 2021.

That’s according to a Guardian report on Finnish company Solar Foods.


It is working with the European Space Agency to create the protein-heavy powder that looks and tastes likes wheat flour – it can be added to dishes and food products as an ingredient.

The Helsinki-based company is set to apply for a food licence from the EU later in the year with the aim of starting commercial production in 2021.

The process to create the powder is produced through a process similar to brewing beer, and the chief executive of the start-up, Dr Pasi Vainikka, said it is carbon-neutral, wasting neither water nor land.

“It is a completely new kind of food, a new kind of protein, different to all the food on the market today in how it is produced as it does not need agriculture or aquaculture,” he told The Guardian.

Despite the progress made and the expectation to have 50million meals for sale in two years, the product is not expected to challenge farmers’ means of production for at least two decades.

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