Coca-Cola is world’s most valuable soft drink brand

Up 19% to US$36.2 billion according to Brand Finance
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Coca-Cola has retained its position as the world’s most valuable soft drinks brand, according to a new report by Brand Finance.

The independent brand valuation consultancy reported that the American drinks giant has increased its value by 19% to US$36.2 billion, with its rival Pepsi dropping in brand value by 8% to US$18.5 billion.


Coca-Cola improved its value despite health conscious consumers moving away from sugar-laden products, and an overall decline in soda sales, but it is the most consumed soft drink in the world, with almost two billion servings a day across 200 countries.

Brand Finance CEO David Haigh said: “The soft drinks sector is facing scrutiny like never before in the Western world. From high sugar content causing a stir, to the backlash over single-use plastic, brands are having to think fast to meet changing needs and circumstances. Although Coca-Cola always has its sheer volume of sales to rely on, the brand needs to evolve with society if it wants to maintain it dominance in the sector.”

The biggest improvement in the top 10 most valuable soft drink brands was posted by Fanta, which saw a38% increase over 2018, rising in value to US$3.5 billion and moving into 9th place.

British-owned Lipton also came into the list at number 10 following an 11% increase. The biggest decline was posted by Gatorade which fell almost 15% from 2018.

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