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Matt Baker, global market manager at Silver Fern Farms, talks high quality produce.

Can you give us a brief on Silver Fern Farms?


Silver Fern Farms is New Zealand’s leading processor, marketer and exporter of premium quality lamb, beef and venison and exports to over 60 countries from around the world.

How do you cater for high-end F&B professionals looking for the best possible product?

We provide a verified story behind our Reserve product. This helps differentiate Silver Fern Farms produce from other red meat proteins.  This ensures a product that is unique, that consistently delivers a premium eating quality experience to consumers.

What sets you apart from other brands?

Silver Fern Farms shareholders are our farmer suppliers – they have the highest levels of care.  Quality for us starts on the farm and ends with our customers serving the best dishes in the world. Our brand represents this commitment to quality and our customers - one brand giving consistent high quality every time.

What lengths do you go to to ensure you supply only the highest quality meat?

Silver Fern Farms Reserve Beef is a selected, graded product. This is called the EQ (eating quality) system. Within our meat processing plants, we have qualified Reserve Graders who are trained to analyse the carcases across seven attributes. These attributes are weight, meat colour, fat colour, Ph levels, marbling, rib fat, and ossification. The results from each attribute are given a score that gives a pass or fail for each carcass. From this scientific based grading process, we get the highest quality and most consistent grass-fed Reserve Beef cuts, every time.

Sustainability is a big issue at the moment, how is Silver Fern Farms doing its part?

It is prominent in our company’s vision and goals, but it already goes much deeper. Silver Fern Farms has embedded sustainability in everything we do.  In 2018 Silver Fern Farms was the first New Zealand red meat company to produce a sustainability report. To develop our approach to sustainability we went through a process of identifying our material issues. These are things that have a direct or indirect impact on sustainability. It was a really important process to work through, as we talked with a diverse range of representatives from around the world who helped narrow down some immediate issues and goals to focus on. Food safety and quality, animal treatment, safe engaged people, financial performance of our company and that of our supplying farmers all featured highly, and we set specific targets to support each of those areas. Environmental sustainability is a key feature of what we do at Silver Fern Farms, so a focus on reducing our carbon footprint, decreasing energy consumption, investment and innovation around areas like our use of plastics is important, as is how we carefully use water and manage waste. These goals have been aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. When you combine that sort of commitment with our farmers producing 100% grass fed, pasture raised animals it’s a great platform to work towards our long-term vision of being the most sustainable grass-fed red meat company in the world.

How can the F&B industry in the Middle East work with you?

Silver Fern Farms has a team in the Middle East, based out of Dubai. We have sales people, marketing support and a butchery specialist. Our team partners with in-market distributors to ensure you get a consistent and reliable supply of Silver Fern Farms products.  They have the experience and expertise to provide support, suggestions, and advice to the restaurant trade on New Zealand red meat products.

To work with Silver Fern Farms contact:
Sile Sweeney
Key account manager
00971 55764 3730

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