Deliveroo launches food procurement service in the UAE

Restaurants can purchase ingredients at reduced rates
Mikael Buck Deliveroo

Following a year-long trial scheme in the UK, Deliveroo is making its food procurement service available in the UAE this summer.

It allows partner restaurants to purchase cooking ingredients and supplies at a discount thanks to deals negotiated by Deliveroo.


The food delivery service says that in its UK trial it was saving restaurants over 20% on their ingredients bills, with smaller independent restaurants saving up to 40%..
Everything from vegetables to meats, to cleaning supplies and packaging products are included in the procurement service.
Tamer Elkhayat, managing director, Pinza, said: “I was always hesitant to reveal my pricing as I thought I had the best deal ever. Working with Deliveroo saved me almost 35% on some premium meats and around 15%-20% on vegetables. The procurement team is very hands on - always following up with the supplier to ensure they meet all the requirements and using their great negotiation skills.”
Several hundred restaurant partners have used the system in the UK, but Deliveroo expects this to rise to 5,000 by the end of the year, with it becoming available in Spain, France, and the UAE before 2020.

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