Uber Eats introduces new pricing structure to Dubai

Some customers’ delivery fees have increased 140%
Uber Eats has changed its delivery pricing structure.
Uber Eats has changed its delivery pricing structure.

A new delivery fee structure from Uber Eats can see customers in Dubai paying up to 140% more to have their food delivered.

According to Arabian Business, the new rates are a trial run which Uber claims will mean users close to restaurants will get “more affordable” delivery rates.


However, the lowest possible delivery fee is now AED4, AED1 less than its previous flat fee of AED5, while the highest possible fee is now AED12.

Uber Eats claims all users were informed of the change in pricing, however it was advertised as “nearby restaurants are now delivered for less”, with no mention of an increase in prices.

Uber did not comment when asked how the hike in prices would affect Uber Eats drivers, which is a separate option in the app should customers choose to add it.

One user told Arabian Business, “Who's going to tip after paying AED10 in [delivery] fees? Seems a rip off considering these apps already take about 35% of order value from restaurants.”

Competitor Deliveroo has also introduced an extra fee for small orders in some cases lately, which means their promotion of having a meal delivered for AED25 can actually cost AED30 or more.

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