Italian fruit and veg to be showcased in the UAE in new campaign

CSO Italy is aiming to raise awareness of Italy’s produce
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CSO Italy, the Italian consortium of fruits and vegetables, with the financial aid of the European Union, is seeking to increase awareness and appreciation of fresh and processed fruits and vegetables from Italy in the UAE with its campaign Fresh Up Your Life – European top-quality fruit & veg.

The European continent benefits from a very diverse climate and varying environmental and soil conditions, which help grow a wide range of fruits and vegetables.  In 2018, European countries grow a total of 46.9 million tons of fruits and 55.6 million of vegetables. Europe’s leading producers are Italy and Spain, which reach 42% of the total production.


Fresh Up your Life – European top-quality fruit & veg is a three year campaign which aims to convince people from the UAE to choose superior quality fruits and vegetables from Italy. The program includes participation to the WOP Dubai trade show 2019, organization of a press event, participation to the Dubai Italian Week, as well as instore activities, reaching out both consumers and food professionals. 

The European agriculture is ruled by strict production standards set by the European Union, which guarantee safety and wholesomeness of every fruit or vegetable grown in Europe. The EU also certifies some production with PGI (Protected Geographic Indication) and PDO (Protected Designation of Origin). Those labels protect the name of a product and guaranty that products sold under these designations are from a specific region and produced under traditional process.

In the UAE, consumers can already find Italian peaches, plums, grapes, kiwis, red apple Epli, and tomato sauce. All those products benefit from the highest European standards, ensuring consumers top quality fruits and vegetables, with health-giving properties.

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