Prince Khaled’s KBW Ventures invests in animal-free milk biotech

TurtleTree Labs creates real cell-based milk without animals
TurtleTree Labs founding members.
Jaeden Ng
TurtleTree Labs founding members.

A Singaporean biotech firm which has created the world’s first cell-based milk without the use of animals has received investment from Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud’s KBW Ventures.

TurtleTree Labs has produced an animal-free milk with the full functionality of dairy milk including its nutritional content, but without the environmental impact of dairy farming.


Prince Khaled’s interest in this technology is unsurprising with the affirmed vegan previously making it clear he is vehemently opposed to dairy farming, which he called “the root of all evil”.

Speaking about the new investment, he said: “KBW Ventures’ interest in TurtleTree stems from both the team vision and the company’s strategic approach to the future of food using stem cell technology. Having spent time with the founding team in Singapore, we have a lot of confidence in TurtleTree’s progress as a biotech company and in the direction they are taking from a business perspective.”

TurtleTree’s proprietary technology uses mammary cells to produce real, full milk in clean food production facilities, and it will also have an impact on the existing baby formula industry.

Fengru Lin, CEO of TurtleTree, said that the seed funding made available from KBW Ventures and other investors will be used to bring the right talent to help TurtleTree move forward as quickly as possible.

“We believe the entire landscape of traditional bovine milk will be transformed as a result of our technology,” she added.

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