Supplier Q&A: Cuisine Solutions

Cuisine Solutions president & CEO, Felipe Hasselmann tells us about the company’s growth plans
Felipe Hasselmann
Felipe Hasselmann

Tell us about Cuisine Solutions and when it was founded?
The world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of sous vide foods, Cuisine Solutions is recognized by top chefs as the authority on sous vide, with the widest international presence in the market. With manufacturing facilities around the globe, in markets such as Asia, Europe and America, Cuisine Solutions enjoys a worldwide reputation of the highest caliber. Innovation lies at the core of Cuisine Solutions, from chief scientist Dr. Bruno Goussault’s invention of modern sous vide in 1971 to today’s groundbreaking new products.

Why is the sous-vide method favoured by chefs?
Chefs love sous vide because of the flavors and textures it provides. Because food is vacuum sealed before cooking, nothing leaves the food when you use the sous vide method. With sous vide chefs can cook foods at a precise temperature to achieve a consistent result that maximizes the taste, texture, and aroma of food—every time.


Tell us about your product range?
Cuisine Solutions offers a variety of products, allowing chefs to focus on customizing and finishing. From seasonal and holiday items to breakfast and dinner products, all Cuisine Solutions products sold in the Middle East and Africa are certified halal.
We started the UAE business through our joint venture with Emirates Flight Catering (EKFC) to become the UAE’s sole distributor of its sous vide products, under the name of Emirates Cuisine Solutions. In addition to this portfolio of products, we aim to develop new products with the local chefs that we work closely with, developing more items they are requesting, aligned with the local flavour profiles and needs of their customers.

Do you have any new launches?
The brand is currently operating in the UAE and now looking at an aggressive expansion in the hotel/restaurant/café (HORECA) segment, across the GCC region for 2020. Along with this, phase two of the partnership will see the establishment of the world’s largest halal sous vide manufacturing facility in Dubai expected to be operational in 2022.

Please name some hotels where your products are currently available.
We have received a very positive response to our products since our entry into the regional market last year. It is exciting to be working with a brand of such high standing in the region and help better educate the local market of the delicate technique of sous vide. Through our partnership with Emirates Flight Catering, we hope to further augment the F&B operations in the industry, by acquainting hospitality and food service providers across a variety of dining experiences with our unique product portfolio and the benefits of sous vide products.

How can hotels contact you?
We have a main distribution centre in Dubai, through which our products are available. We also have chef advocates through interested parties can reach us. Details can be found on our website

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