Dubai’s Raw Coffee Company now offering Yemeni Harazi coffee

The special edition coffee is now available via pre-reservation
Yemeni-origin Harazi coffee
Yemeni-origin Harazi coffee

Dubaibsed boutique roastery and café Raw Coffee Company is now offering the Yemeni origin Harazi coffee.

Available for a limited time, the guest coffee is a new season special grade Yemeni Harazi coffee that has been on a long-awaited wish list.

A cup of this coffee comes with some intense flavours. Tasting notes include, aromatics of cedar and exotic brown spices, hints of pineapple, nutmeg, wild honey and a long dark chocolate finish.

Yemen, known for its rich heritage, mild climate, picturesque scenery and distinctive coffee, is the first nation to cultivate and recorded to actually drink the beverage, as early as the 6th century.  There are more than ten well-known types of coffee beans in Yemen: al-Mutari, al-Harazi, Yafi’i, Al-anasi, Khulani, al-Bara’i, al-Hammadi, al-Tufahi, al-Dawa’iri, and the Odani coffee varietals.

Yemenis export their beans to the rest of the world through the port of Mocha, (a word that is now synonymous with a coffee chocolate combination), and originally exported to Persia, Egypt, Syria and Turkey, gradually expanding to as many as 70 countries.  The most reliable evidence of early knowledge of the coffee tree and coffee consumption appears in the mid-15th century in the Sufi monasteries in Yemen, south of the Arabian Peninsula.


Yemeni Harazi coffee is currently priced at 76.00 AED / 250gm and is available to customers via pre-reservation.

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