Fresh Express launches online home delivery platform in UAE

The restaurant supplier is offering premium gourmet food
High-end sushi is available through Fresh Express Online
High-end sushi is available through Fresh Express Online

Restaurant supplier Fresh Express has launched its own online platform to deliver its high-end produce direct to customers’ doors.

Fresh Express Online offers a wide array of fresh and gourmet food, including a diverse selection of fruit, vegetables, meat, and baked goods.


For those looking for fine-dining quality meals, there are premium offerings of caviar, truffle oil, heritage items, organic, and delicacy items.

If you’re not looking to cook, Fresh Express Online also offers ready meals, and you know all the available produce comes direct from its hand picked top quality suppliers – as used in many high-end restaurants throughout the country.

Brands include Giuseppe Giusti aged balsamic vinegar, Lorenzo olive oil from Italy, Kaviari caviar, and Voss water.  Overall there are more than 400 food and beverage brands available and almost 6,000 fresh products.

Fresh Express joins a number of regional food suppliers to start marketing direct to customers at home including EMF, Bidfood, and Reach.

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